Summer Reading List?

This is a partial bleg post. While finishing up some weekly chores in the laundromat I realized that my kindle was quickly running out of content and needed some fresh additions. Summer can be a good time to catch up on reading that we intended to do during the semester or to check off some divergent topics that we had not had time to get to earlier.  As such, what is everyone reading this summer and/or what do they recommend?  I am generally looking for books that are in international relations or methodology and can be bought for the kindle, Continue reading Summer Reading List?

War/Politics Songs (2)

Clearly inspired by Phil and Mike, I’d like to offer my own list of songs… although mine is more ‘political science’ than war-themed. I should acknowledge, as other have, that my statement about whether a chorus is great or not shouldn’t be taken as a statement that I endorse a particular interpretation of the politics of that song. 1) Be Prepared – Scar (The Lion King) I have yet to find a better example of the commitment problem. Scar expertly bargains with the hyenas through verses 1 & 2, vividly describing the reversion point and simultaneously promising to stick to Continue reading War/Politics Songs (2)

War Songs

Blogging has been lite lately, but in response to Phil's subtle nudges, I've decided to offer up my own list of war songs.  I'm approaching this from a more general angle of "war songs" as opposed to songs that are strictly anti-war.  These songs are not necessarily supposed to reflect any particular personal views of war–they just happen to be drawn from the general body of music that I grew up listening to.  That said, there are most certainly some common themes.   As a general rule I will list songs by song title and then artist.  Some of these Continue reading War Songs

The Targeting of Corporate Executives

I came across this article from Defense News yesterday, and the topic is something that I have not come across before.  The gist of the article is that a Pakistani branch of al-Qaeda, or at least with members affiliated with al-Qaeda, was planning the assassination of Lockheed Martin's CEO. More after the jump…