Just a quick post. I hadn't read anything on this in a while, but this CNN article seems to have a fairly decent detailing of the events surrounding the murders of several Afghan civilians by an Army sergeant and some of his men.  Also of interest, this article discussing contact between Saif al-Islam and the ICC over turning himself in. Or maybe he's going to Zimbabwe? My money is on the latter.

Music and Academia: The Role of Colons in Titles

This post is written by Ben Farrer whose account is currently down. I’m starting to strongly dislike academic titles that take the form: “Metaphor For x: Actual Description Of x”, or similar, and am venting my frustration with a game. As an example of the type I dislike, one of my own undergraduate essays was entitled: “Holding out for a Hero? The Roles of Lincoln and of Slaves in Emancipation”. A poor effort on my part, but you get the picture. I’ve been guilty of using this template regularly myself, but I’m beginning to believe that it falls down on Continue reading Music and Academia: The Role of Colons in Titles

Quick Link: The Top 10 Worst Graphs in Science

Karl Bowman offers a list of the top 10 worst graphs in the scientific literature. Bowman not only critiques each graph, but also offers suggestions to improve the graph in the future. For this list, the social sciences were not included. I imagine that we have some relatively uninformative displays in our articles, but I have not seen a comparable list for our discipline—perhaps due to the obvious disincentives that exist for compiling such a list together.     

Ghadaffi Captured

Blogging here had been a bit slow lately.  Between sending out job packets and various other side projects, I've been keeping pretty busy since APSA.  Naturally, blogging has taken a backseat for the time being. That said, this deserves a quick word. CNN is reporting that this is "unconfirmed," but the BBC seems to indicate that the NTC has confirmed Ghadaffi's capture. As I mentioned above, this will be quick, but I will be interested to watch what happens next.  I doubt Ghadaffi's capture will mean the cessation of fighting in Libya, but perhaps it will slow?  I suppose this all Continue reading Ghadaffi Captured