Political Science Entertainment Night

Tonight, a few of us are going to gather to participate in a movie and game night.  The goal of which is to be entertained by both while also having it relate to what we study in political science. Tonight's Agenda: The movie for tonight is the classic The Princess Bride. The inspiration for having this headline our debut entertainment night is two-fold 1) we found someone in the department who has not seen the film 2) the game theoretic moments in the film are enjoyable and have been widely recognized: Going against a Sicilian with death on the lineStrategy Continue reading Political Science Entertainment Night

Two useful blog posts for connecting in the discipline.

Two extremely useful posts went up while I was at MWPSA and are worth re-blogging.  While I am not sure if my readership is radically different than either site, it is still useful to spread the word. First, the Monkey Cage posted an update to their blogroll that I will soon copy.  It now includes all active political science bloggers that they could find.  Of course, if you are missing from the list, let them know. Second, Chris Albon at War and Health compiled a list of "35 global health, foreign affairs, and international security scholars, researchers, and experts active Continue reading Two useful blog posts for connecting in the discipline.