The face of evil, 2012

While browsing Reddit, I came across this well done photoshopped picture of what Hitler would look like as a contemporary male:  I found it striking how much I, and I imagine others, have been socialized to see the left as the personification of evil while the right is normal.  Naturally, people looking at him in the 1920s did not see the same thing we see today. Of course, we now have this handy chart to know how trustworthy people are based on their facial hair and tells us the right hand picture above is entirely trustworthy. Via Reddit.

Hunger Games: Civil Wars, Victory, and Repression

The movie version of the book The Hunger Games (Paperback, Kindle) is being released this week; the movie is expected to draw a large crowd and is already drawing superb ratings from critics. As such, given that there are both political and economic themes that run in the book that are ripe for political scientists and economists, I figured I would touch upon at least one of those interesting threads related to the study of international relations. Now, what I am drawing upon is purely from the first chapter of the book and can be easily gleaned from the trailer of the Continue reading Hunger Games: Civil Wars, Victory, and Repression