The Danger of Online Articles

I listen to several podcasts each work during my daily commute to and from the office.  One podcast, the Skeptics Guide to the Universe (SGU), has several segments each week, with a few discussing scientific findings.  My favorite is a game for the panel where three scientific research findings are offered and the panelists guess which one is false. That is, a finding is made up by the host; often, it is in the opposite direction of a recent study. The other two findings are "science;" a result that has been published in a recent journal. Two episodes ago (#330, 11/12/2011), Continue reading The Danger of Online Articles

The Men and Women Behind the Men and Women

In preparation for the upcoming GOP national security debate tomorrow evening this article from CNN may be an interesting read. It discusses the foreign policy advisory teams of each of the candidates. There is more information on some of the candidates (Romney) than others (Bachmann, Paul), but it's still an interesting read. Some of this information has come out in a scattered fashion already, but it's nice to have a quick piece that draws this information together.

The Role of the Internet in the Mexican Drug War

The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, has been trying to crack down on drug cartels in Mexico for the last five years. The drug cartels have fiercely fought back and about 40,000 people have been killed. Because of all these deaths, and because of the ever increasing presence of cartels throughout the country, many people in Mexico believe that the drug war has been unsuccessful thus far.  Nevertheless, although the government has had a hard time cracking down on the cartels, today it appears that at least one Internet activist (or “hacktivist”) group, Anonymous, has won a small battle with Continue reading The Role of the Internet in the Mexican Drug War