Two useful blog posts for connecting in the discipline.

Two extremely useful posts went up while I was at MWPSA and are worth re-blogging.  While I am not sure if my readership is radically different than either site, it is still useful to spread the word.

First, the Monkey Cage posted an update to their blogroll that I will soon copy.  It now includes all active political science bloggers that they could find.  Of course, if you are missing from the list, let them know.

Second, Chris Albon at War and Health compiled a list of "35 global health, foreign affairs, and international security scholars, researchers, and experts active on Twitter".  Every twitter link includes a small description of the individual and their field(s) of interest and/or occupation.  Chris aptly argues: "If blogs post are the ‘conference papers’ of the internet, then Twitter is the small-talk between sessions."

Thanks to both blogs for compiling these immensely useful lists.

Michael A. Allen

About Michael A. Allen

Michael is an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Boise State University with a focus in International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Methodology (quantitative and formal). His work includes issues related to military basing abroad, asymmetric relations, cooperation, and conflict. He received his Ph.D from Binghamton University in 2011.

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