Ghadaffi Captured

Blogging here had been a bit slow lately.  Between sending out job packets and various other side projects, I've been keeping pretty busy since APSA.  Naturally, blogging has taken a backseat for the time being.

That said, this deserves a quick word. CNN is reporting that this is "unconfirmed," but the BBC seems to indicate that the NTC has confirmed Ghadaffi's capture. As I mentioned above, this will be quick, but I will be interested to watch what happens next.  I doubt Ghadaffi's capture will mean the cessation of fighting in Libya, but perhaps it will slow?  I suppose this all depends on the exact role Ghadaffi was playing with respect to financing, organization, logistics, etc., for the Ghadaffi loyalists that have been putting up resistance so far. And what will be the fate of the man himself? Will he be shipped off to face the ICC? Will he be tried in Libya?

Stay tuned…

*** UPDATE ***

News has since come out indicating that Ghadaffi may have actually been killed after his capture.  Neither BBC nor CNN have confirmed reports, though.

Stay stay tuned…

*** Updated-er Update ***

It appears that Ghadaffi has in fact been killed.  I suppose this answers some of the questions posed above, but some of the others remain in play.  For example, how will this affect continued resistance? 

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