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Michael is an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Boise State University with a focus in International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Methodology (quantitative and formal). His work includes issues related to military basing abroad, asymmetric relations, cooperation, and conflict. He received his Ph.D from Binghamton University in 2011.

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  1. Halloween: Kürbisse des Schreckens

    Heute ist hier Halloween. Vorsorglich habe ich schon einmal ein Schüssel mit Süssigkeiten bereit, mal sehen ob wer vorbeikommen wird. Ich war noch nie in den USA während dieser Zeit und bin dementsprechend gespannt. Inzwischen scheint das Fest auf der….

  2. “In an econometric model, a parameter or variable is said to be endogenous when there is a correlation between the parameter or variable and the error term. Endogeneity can arise as a result of measurement error, autoregression with autocorrelated errors, simultaneity, omitted variables, and sample selection errors. Broadly, a loop of causality between the independent and dependent variables of a model leads to endogeneity.”
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