Happy belated Pi and Square Root Day.

March this year hosted two mathematics-related holidays that now have passed us and March will not contain both of these days for a century (2109 will be the next lucky March, set your calendars!). 

The first holiday in March was Square Root Day celebrated on March 3rd.  For those of you who have missed an opportunity to celebrate this joyous occasion will have to wait another 7 years for 4.4.16 to grace us once again.

March 14 (3.14), as many more people are aware of, was Pi DayThe Daily Kos reports that Congress passed a non-binding resolution on Thursday recognizing Pi Day as such.  Murtha (Representing Democrat from PA), hopefully jokingly, admits that he thought he was voting for Pie day.  The vote was 391-10 in favor of the resolution.

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