Bureaucratic Politics, Interservice Rivalries, and The Galactic Empire

The fact that this post follows so closely on the heels of my recent post regarding the sparseness of posts over the next couple of months should in no way be taken as negating my previous point. That said, Steve Saideman at the Duck has linked to this fairly lengthy piece on the role of inter-service rivalries in bringing about the downfall of the Galactic Empire. I will say that I have not had a chance to read the whole thing yet, but given that I 1) am a Star Wars enthusiast, and 2) have done work on inter-service rivalries, I find this to be potentially interesting. 

That is all.

About Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Kansas State University. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Binghamton University in 2013. His research focuses on the political and economic determinants of foreign economic and security policy, security issues, and state repression.

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