Scribtex: online collaboration for LaTeX

Michael Flynn and I have been discussing a new project based on recent data we have discovered and our mutual academic interests.  Given that we both have become LaTeX savvy, I was hoping to find a convenient way for us to collaborate without using the archaic system of emailing each other back and forth.  My first inclination was to check Google wave as I knew it had some LaTeX written scripts for it. However, the scripts are for formulas and not complete documents.  Google Docs is another option where we write the document in LaTeX code, download the document to Continue reading Scribtex: online collaboration for LaTeX

The Atlas of the Real World

The Atlas of the Real World provides a potentially powerful visual tool that re-sizes nation-states on a globe based on their rank or gravity on particular issues: The Atlas of the Real World uses software to depict the nations of the world, not by their physical size, but by their demographic importance on a range of subjects. Here, we select a series of travel- and news-related maps Starting with basic land mass, the 18-globe series has some highlights such as Net Tourism, use of airplanes, and Post-WWII war deaths. Obviously it is not a new technique, but the quality and breadth of Continue reading The Atlas of the Real World