Does “Political Science” Need Saving?

Normally, I tend to ignore how popular media outlets and general popular culture deals with and treats the concept of "political science" as such characterizations often appear to come from indifference, misunderstanding, or ignorant hostility.  However, as we are in the full swing of a political season, it appears that the term of political science, as some of us are practicing it, is being drug through the mud once again and is becoming increasingly confused with "politics". More of a discussion follows the jump…

The Complexity of Fairy Cooperation

Automated recommendation software can be a very efficient technique to increase revenues and doubly so in the world of click-to-purchase materials and low thresholds for impulsive purchases.  However, these algorithms can produce some hilarious results given enough interest.  For example, after the jump, see Amazon’s current match for Axelrod’s The Complexity of Cooperation.