Wikistrat Competition

I received an email this afternoon from Wikistrat inviting political scientist graduate students to participate in a competition for $10,000.  Before this email, I have heard nothing about this program/website and I am still relatively ignorant about their presence and history, but it seems, at the very least, worth getting a bit more information about. The actual competition is for a team of 5-10 political science graduate students from the same university to: 1. Forecast their team’s national trajectory;2. Develop scenario pathways and national policy options for specific strategic issues;3. Articulate national grand strategies;4. Brainstorm future regional security environments (alternate Continue reading Wikistrat Competition

The Unbearable Lightness of Game Theory? has a great post today assessing the merits of game theory.  The author makes some excellent points.  In particular, he points out that some of the more interesting outcomes we see in the social sciences are off-equilibrium–inherently, then, these are the ones that we can’t explain with game theory.  Additionally, and more generally as a criticism of rational choice, individuals don’t necessarily make decisions that conform to what we typically think of as the rules that describe rational actors. Check out the post at, and the preceding entry by the same blogger (Michael McBride) about game theory’s potentially Continue reading The Unbearable Lightness of Game Theory?