Supplemental Learning Online

I am quite confident that many of you heard of Khan Academy previously.  The "one man university" was created and still maintained by a single individual that teaches various content in small, ten minute portions.  Various other sites in your regular blog reading has touched on it (The Bayesian Heresy and Boing Boing are the first two hits on my feed reader when searching for it).  However, if you do need an introduction, you can check out the site's extensive FAQ section or briefly browse the Wikipedia page on it.  Being intrigued by these alternative education videos, I have been devoting Continue reading Supplemental Learning Online

An Additional Benefit of Rapid Delivery

My teaching style, as well as my presentation style, is marked by a relatively rapid delivery.  I had favored such a style quite awhile ago for many public speaking formats as the general perception of the speaker by the audience is favorable (generally heighten perceptions of intelligence and mastery of the material).  However, now I can justify such approaches beyond my own perceived benefit and claim that I am doing my audience a favor.  That is, those who engage the presented material will tend to be happier thanks to my public service: In six experiments, researchers at Princeton and Harvard Continue reading An Additional Benefit of Rapid Delivery